Incisive & Enthusiastic Engineer
to tackle thriving Artificial Intelligence problems


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Main interests

My day-to-day work


Data Science

Discover and analyze patterns in large amounts of data. Aside from raw analysis, it involves data management, processing, modeling, inferencing, visualization, online updating and Métier knowledge.


Artificial Intelligence

From Data Science and Machine Learning to Computer Vision and Decisions, I love working on that thriving and wide domain.


Machine Learning

Algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data, building models enabling data-driven predictions and decisions. Applications are limitless: from self-driving cars to the understanding of the human genome.



While working on abstract data is feasible, understanding the underlying business and engineering processes improves significantly results and makes the difference. Seeing the big picture makes work worth it.

Main experiences

Working on different projects helps creativity


Be part of a positive work environment

Alexandre has the ability to quickly understand complex industrial issues, and find ways to improve it even before you finish explaining the subject. Much more than a data scientist, he is able to get an overview on operational topics. His greatest qualities are listening, rigor and his sense of humor. He is a creative force.

Alia S.
Europe Sales Manager at an Aircraft Maintenance company

Alexandre is involved, proactive, curious and constructive. He can adapt to client demands while bringing its experience and efficiency in its field of expertise. Its professionalism is all the more valuable as it goes along a personality. Its induction within the team was immediate.

Julie Decourcelles
Head of DGII SF84 at SNCF Réseau

Alexandre could be characterized as a proactive, intelligent person, co-productive, patient, insightful and able to offer a range of applications for data mining, data science and data-visualization in an appropriate way to the consulting environment.

Stéphane Maudet
Consulting Opérations Director at Expleo

Alexandre has been an excellent element during the whole duration of his internship. He very quickly fitted in the team and has demonstrated great listening, understanding and dialogue qualities which enabled remarkable teamwork. His great independence has been a complete advantage especially during rushes, and he has never lost his calm and his good humour.
Alexandre has been able to adapt to the different technologies and languages used by our copany (notably around MediaWiki, Google MAPS and OAI). He brought true technical competences and showed a lot of initiative by suggesting efficient solutions. He has not hesitated to leave his comfort zone to discover new technologies, languages and work habits to answer the projects needs.

Olivier Carpentier
Founder and CEO at Book d'Oreille

I have worked with Alexandre on multiple Data Science projects; he is a proactive colleague, always full of enthusiasm and liking. Alexandre has always impressed me with its efficiency, its management and its ability to share its experience with others. Even when facing tough co-workers, Alexandre keeps its professionalism and its smile.
I strongly recommend Alexandre. I would be more than happy to work again with him in the near future.

Elise Sainderichin
Data Scientist / Business Manager Data at Vyve (beNext)

I had the chance to collaborate with Alexander in terms of an IT Governance project in our Master Course in the University of Manchester.Among the fellow students that I have come across during this year, Alexander has had one of the most professional approaches. He was always there to help everyone with his skills and knowledge while he had undertaken the most demanding part of the group project, providing excellent results. Therefore, I strongly believe that Alexander would constitute a valuable member of any team.

Spiros Potamitis
Data Scientist at SAS


"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

Master of Science in Advanced Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence
with Distinction
The University of Manchester
Ingénieur ENSIIE in Computer Science, Mathematics and Entrepreneurship
top of the class
Classe Préparatoire aux Grandes Ecoles, Mathématiques-Physique
highest honors
Lycée Faidherbe

Incisive & Enthusiastic Engineer
to tackle thriving Artificial Intelligence problems